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Located on the margins of the Sonoran Desert, Scriptoria Books publishes new editions of original texts and classic works, in both print and digital formats, and also offers select books for sale through online markets.

The word scriptoria literally means “places for writing.” Historically, scriptoria were writing rooms set apart in some monasteries for the use of scribes, or copyists of the community, to faithfully create or reproduce books by hand. Their efforts, through the years, preserved many important works that would have otherwise been lost, and contributed immensely to Western civilization’s written treasury.

Scriptoria Books continues in the same tradition that scribes and conservators have followed through the ages. Each new Scriptoria edition is transcribed word for word from an original text. The new text is then edited, if necessary, for any errors that may have been included in the original publication. This revised edition is then set in a contemporary typeface, and formatted for size and readability. Our books are not facsimiles, but carefully created new editions of classic works.

Links are provided for each title in our catalog for obtaining our books through suggested retailers. You can also purchase our books through many bookstores and online booksellers. If you have a question regarding any of our publications, please use the form on our Contact page to write to us.

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