Alice’s Adventures Under Ground
The Original Story

Lewis Carroll


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Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures Under Ground is the original version of the story that became Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Written in 1864, the tale recounts a story that Charles Dodgson (pen-name Lewis Carroll) told to entertain some children, during an outing, in the summer of 1862. In this story, we are introduced to Alice, along with many of her acquaintances already familiar to us (such as the White Rabbit, the Caterpillar, and the Queen of Hearts), as she journeys into that magical world she discovered through a rabbit-hole. Dodgson later enlarged this story, as it became the foundational work for his well-known stories about Wonderland.

Alice’s Adventures Under Ground and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland are different in a number of respects, most notably in the length of the stories. Alice’s Adventures Under Ground contains approximately 12,715 words, where the expanded version, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, consists of over 26,000 words. Also of note, are the differences between the artwork included with the two stories. The original manuscript, Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, was completely illustrated by Carroll, whereas the artwork for Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, was provided by Sir John Tenniel.

This edition, sets in type, the original 1864 handwritten manuscript, Alice’s Adventures Under Ground, by Lewis Carroll, and includes 37 illustrations by the author. The text was transcribed from the 1886 Macmillan & Co. facsimile, and proofed from images of the original Lewis Carroll manuscript at the British Library, Add. MS 46700.


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